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North Florida Martial Arts is teaming up with the Nationally recognized women’s self defense program called R.A.D. (rape aggression defense). This program is the most comprehensive women’s self defense program that focuses on the realistic development of self defense options for women before and during situations of imminent or actual abductive assault. This seminar will be instructed by James Giammarinaro, a 22 year veteran Law Enforcement Officer, a 4th degree Black Belt instructor for North Florida Martial Arts, and certified R.A.D. instructor.

  • Did you know that in the U.S. one forcible rape occurs every 7 minutes
  • Did you know that each year approximately 90,000 forcible rapes are reported to the Police
  • Did you know that an estimated 90% of all rapes and attempted rapes are not reported at all
  • Did you know that approximately 5,900 women are assaulted every year in the state of Florida
The R.A.D. Systems basic self defense program for women is designed to offer and create opportunities to grow holistically, emotionally, and physically.
North Florida Martial Arts goal is to educate women about:
  • Risk Awareness
  • Risk Reduction
  • Risk Recognition
  • Risk Avoidance

North Florida Martial Arts  will accomplish this by empowering women through self defense by:

  • Education
  • Dependency on self
  • Decision making responsibility
  • Self realization of physical power

The R.A.D. system of women’s self defense program consists of ¬†(3) three hour classes. The first two classes will consist of learning Risk awareness, reduction, recognition and avoidance as well as basic self defense techniques. The third day will consist of review of self defense skills, live simulation training, cool down, debrief and course evaluation.


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